Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

Happy Mid - Week darlings!
Hope you all have been having a great week, mine has been a little stressful and productive.
It will all kind of end today though, because finally I am presenting and defending my final Thesis today!!!!
Yea I am so so excited and a little bit nervous in a good way though, I am so ready to be done with everything and go up there in front of my professors and colleagues.
Oh wish me luck too dears,I have been cracking my head on what to wear and I decide to use our lovely and stylish Serena as my muse (don't mind silly me :D).
Since temperature has finally dropped here in Greece, it was raining cats and dog yesterday and even though it wasn't that cold, it was chilly/breezy.
I wanted a little black dress and blazer at first but I think a good pair of skinny jeans, decent blouse/sweater and of course blazer will do the trick with some lovely boots. I hope I get to take pictures and show you what I will wear finally.
These looks of Serena just inspired me and I know they will inspire you too, if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation.
As I have mentioned a zillion times, I love her style as both Serena and Blake and will love to have her closet, won't you?
I am sharing with you looks she was sporting and rocking skinny jeans.
Enjoy my darlings

Images via: here

Till next post lovelies , take good care of yourselves!
Adeola Naomi


  1. She's not my favourite character on the show but she looks great!


  2. Great post!!

  3. I love, LOVE her style. Gosh. So amazing. I definitely get why you use her as a muse ;) And, Good Luck to you! You have my prayers with you, dear <3

  4. i love your posts; really great@ and love her, my favorite character

    want to follow each other? :)

  5. She looks nice! I like her style!
    Good luck with everything you're doing!

  6. I really like her style on and off screen. So stylish. -co Wishing you a great week dear./Madison

  7. I would love to raid the wardrobe on the set of this show!

  8. Absolutely love Serena's style. Good luck today, love :) xoxo

  9. Love this great take on the serena style! Great blog by the way!
    Meganne from The Vanity Theory

  10. her style is really inspiring and she have perfect body!!!!!!....


  11. Good Luck on presenting your thesis!!! I really love her style. I'll look great and feel great! Can't wait to see some pics if you take some!

  12. I like the glam approach to relaxed, laid back dressing, she has an amazing (virtual) closet. Wishing you everything of the best for your Thesis presentation...I know you are going to wow everyone with your incredible intelligence and grand abilities! Good Luck hun

  13. She's the best;)

  14. Just read your recommend now and was soooo happy to hear that it went well!! Congrats :)

  15. I love her style too! I definitely wear blazers all the time too! Good Luck with your thesis!!

  16. Love her!


  17. She has everything: she's funny, gorgeous, has a great sense of style, a stunning smile and a hot husband :D
    Lucky her!

    xo, G
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  18. I love her too, dear!!! xoxo

  19. I absolutely love her style! Gossip girl is one of my favorite shoes, and I always love seeing everyone's outfits. They are all so chic.

  20. Oh I totally agree with you on this one. She is always such an inapiration

  21. i love serena van der woodsen too! she's my favorite at GG. and her clothes are so wearable for all of us:) lots of love xx

  22. Έχει υπέροχο στυλ!!! Γενικά είναι πολύ όμορφη γυναίκα και ας την μισώ που παντρεύτηκε το αγόρι μου τον ryan xaxax


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