I am sure we all are here for the Beyoncé goodness and magical twins pregnancy photos

I just have to say ''Thank you'' to queen Bey for paying homage to my ancestors with all these amazingness and of course for giving us something to distract us from all the craziness in the world,
Oshun, Yemaja and Ibeji gods are smiling at you right now, if you don't know what I am talking
about, then I will like to tell you these images are all an homage the Yoruba Orishas of fertility, sexuality, beauty, divinity and love Oshun the beauty queen herself.
The fact that Beyonce is having twins is also a pretty big deal since the twins are considered gods in the Yoruba culture the Ibeji (Ibeyi) Orishas.

Oriki Ibeji:
Ẹ̀jìrẹ́ ará ìṣokún.
Ọmọ ẹdun tíí ṣeré orí igi
Ó fẹsẹ̀ méjèèjì bẹ sílé alákìísa;
Ó salákìísà donígba aṣọ.
Gbajúmọ̀ ọmọ tíí gbàkúnlẹ̀ ìyá,
Tíí gbàdọ̀bálẹ̀ lọ́wọ́ baba tó bí í lọ́mọ.
Wínrinwínrin lójú orogún
Ejìwọ̀rọ̀ lojú ìyá ẹ̀.
Tani o bi ibeji ko n'owo?

Every Twins hail from Isokun.
A relative of monkeys you are
Hoping and jumping from a tree branch to the other
Jumping helter-skelter, you landed in a wretched man's place
Turning around his misfortunes
A rare set of children that commands undue honour and respect from their parents
To your stepmother, you are an unwelcome sight
But to your mother, you are both emperors of two empires!
Wouldn't you love to be parents to twins?

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