Welcome to "Distinguished Diva" and thank you for visiting. This blog is PR friendly, so don't be too shy to send me an email with your offer.
I will be thrilled to work with you and promote your business or services.

Here are the available forms of collaboration for now:
1.Sponsored Outfit Editorial.
2.Brand Ambassadorship
3. Sponsored Giveaway
4. Product Review
6. Event Hosting if you are in Athens Greece, or you are open to cover the travelling cost.
7. Trip and Restaurant review.
8. One on One Yoga and fitness classes; at your home, if you are in Athens Greece or virtually through Skype.
9.Personal Shopper and Image developer.
10.Photography for your event or just an editorial if you are a fellow blogger.

Contact Adeola Naomi  at adeola(at)distinguisheddiva(dot)com for a detailed media kit and rates.

Disclaimer: All sponsored post are stated as such at the beginning or end of the post.
No amount of money will change my honest opinion, because above all are my readers. Without the readers,  I am just another blog and I value their dedication, support, and love.

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